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Fetal / Maternal Monitor iC 60

Model: iC 60
Manu: Shenzhen Biocare Electronics Co., Ltd.
Origin: China.


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Product Description

1. Light & compact, user friendly design;
2. 7 inches high resolution foldable TFT color screen;
3. Basic parameters: FHR, TOCO, AFM, MHR, NIBP, SpO2;
4. Accuracy & reliability DSP technology for real time measurement and identification;
5. Patient event marker and clinical event marking button mark clinical events separately;
6. Provide convenience and reliability during antepartum, intrapartum and postpartum monitoring;
7. 12 hours CTG storage, fast review and print, optional to upgrade for 24 hours;
8. Unique design for cable of transducers to avoid intertwisting;
9. Alarm system: Time-over alarm, non-paper alarm, out of range FHR alarm;
10. Automatically adjustable many kinds of 110mm thermal paper with different specifications;
11. Wire or wireless connect to central monitoring system;
12. Low acoustic power, safer to the fetus.